Cardiology Coding Guidelines You Should Know

Understanding cardiology coding is like having the right keys for a big, complicated map. With around 70,000 ICD codes to choose from, you want to make sure you pick the spot-on ones for heart stuff. This means being spot on with codes for check-ups, fixing heart issues, or major heart surgery.  You need to pay […]

Professional Billing Vs Hospital Billing | SPT Medical Billing

So, there are two main ways billing happens in healthcare. When you go see a doctor and they charge for their advice or treatment, that’s professional billing. Now, if you use a hospital’s room or their tools, that’s where hospital billing comes in. It’s like paying for the doctor’s time versus paying for using the […]

Medical Billing Audit Checklist Must Haves

Medical billing audit checklist

A good Medical Billing Audit Checklist can really make a difference in any healthcare system. It’s like having a map when you’re lost. In fact, clinics that use a checklist like this often see big improvements. Latest statistics show that the healthcare system loses $935 million a week due to medical billing issues, thus by […]

Nephrology Billing and Coding Guidelines

Nephrology Billing and Coding Guidelines

Billing and coding guidelines for nephrology may vary depending on the specific services provided and the payer involved. However, some basic guidelines include ensuring accurate documentation of the services rendered, using appropriate CPT codes for procedures and services performed, and following Medicare and Medicaid regulations for billing. We’ll cover these in this detailed article. Why […]

EMR for Nephrology: How it Works, Benefits and Top Choices

Top Benefits of EMR for Nephrology Practices

Implementing EMR systems specifically designed for nephrology practices can significantly enhance the workflow and improve patient care. EMR software has built-in templates for nephrology-specific patient data, lab results, and patient health records. They also offer patient portals for patient engagement and access to patient information. What Is EMR and How Is It Used? EMR stands […]