Complete Pulmonology Billing and Coding Guidelines

Complete Pulmonary Billing Guidelines

Pulmonary function tests he­lp doctors understand how well your lungs work. These­ tests check for lung disease­s like asthma and COPD. They also show if treatme­nts are working well. It is important to bill properly for the­se tests. If you do not bill correctly, you may not ge­t paid fully. This can cost your practice […]

Understanding and Appealing CO-45 Denials in Medical Billing

CO 45 denial code

Getting a denial on a medical bill can be confusing and stressful for healthcare providers. If you’ve provided care to a patient and then get a denial, it can feel frustrating, almost like dealing with a medical mystery when the denial code reads CO-45. But don’t worry, this is a common situation, and we’re here […]