Transform Your Practice's Revenue Cycle with Our Medical Billing Services

SPT Medical Billing is here to provide comprehensive medical billing services tailored to your unique needs and boost your financial cycle with a practical and accurate billing approach.

Our Suite of Medical Billing Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of medical billing services for high collections and boost your revenue cycle. SPT Medical Billing bridges the gap between an ordinary revenue cycle and an extraordinary one. We offer a comprehensive medical billing system where different specialists compile claims according to their expertise.

Patient registration

Patient registration

Accurate entry of patient demographics and insurance information.

Eligibility Verification

Insurance verification

Complete Verification of patient insurance coverage and benefits eligibility

Claims submission

Claims submission

Timely submission of insurance claims with proper coding and documentation.

Medical coding

Medical coding

Accurate coding of medical records to ensure compliance and maximum reimbursement.

Payment posting

Payment posting

Accurate posting of payments and adjustments to patient accounts.

AR management

AR management

Follow-up on unpaid claims and patient balances to improve cash flow.

Patient statements

Patient statements

Generation of patient statements and collections of outstanding balances.

Reporting and analytics

Reporting and analytics

Creation of detailed reports and analysis of billing and financial data.

Provider Credentialing

Provider Credentialing

Management of provider credentials and insurance contracts.

Denial management

Denial management

Identification and resolution of claim denials to ensure maximum reimbursement.

To Whom We Serve?

Healthcare providers

Healthcare Providers

Fuel your success, whether you're an individual practitioner or a healthcare giant—tailored solutions for every need.

Medical Clinics

Medical Clinics

From billing efficiency to financial growth, our services are designed to supercharge your medical clinic.

Medical Laboratories

Medical Laboratories

Precision in billing for accurate lab results. We've got the specialized touch and expertise your lab needs.



Comprehensive solutions to elevate your hospital's financial game. Let's redefine your financial success.

We Are Your Trusted Billing Partner

Trusted by Over 500 Physicians

Join the ranks of satisfied physicians who have experienced the efficiency and reliability of our services. With this, you can focus on patient care while we take care of your administrative load.

Catering to 30+ Specialties

No matter your medical specialty, we have a team of 100+ certified medical billers and coders ready to optimize your revenue cycle management. From cardiology to internal medicine, we've got you covered.

All-in-One Automated Billing Solution

Experience the ease of an automated billing solution that streamlines your processes and increases efficiency. Our up-to 98% first-pass resolution rate ensures timely reimbursements and reduces the burden on your practice.

Trusted Billing Partner

Be Aware!

Did you know that up to 80% of medical bills in the US healthcare industry are faulty? Poor medical billing services contribute to an estimated loss of $125 billion each year for doctors.

Don’t let your practice suffer – choose SPT Medical Billing for error-free billing.

What Sets Us Apart?

HIPAA Compliant

Your data is not just secure; it's fortified. We take HIPAA compliance seriously for bulletproof patient data protection.

Code Right

We don't just code; we code right. Your compliance and optimal reimbursement are non-negotiable.

Specialty Focus:

Your practice is unique, and so is our approach—specialized solutions for every medical specialty.

Dedicated Account Management

Your success is personal to us. Enjoy a dedicated account manager for personalized, VIP-level support.

Integrated Technology

Step into the future with our integrated tech solutions – your shortcut to seamless and efficient billing.

Cost Reduction

Yes, you heard it right. Experience cost reduction through our strategic and efficient billing practices.

Medical Billing services

What You Get?

Improved Cash Flow: Our experts ensure a secure and steady revenue cycle for timely reimbursements.

Speedy Submissions: Utilizing modern health IT software, we submit claims at a faster pace, reducing manual errors.

Efficient Client Support: Our approachable medical billers provide dedicated support to address all your queries and concerns.

Streamlined Reporting: Receive regular practice overview reports and charge submission checklists to stay informed about your financial situation.

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