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We help healthcare providers receive reimbursements 2X faster with minimal claims denied.

Welcome to SPT Medical Billing, where we redefine the efficiency and accuracy of your medical billing operations and claim submission processes. Our tailored services are crafted to maximize reimbursements, simplify your revenue cycle, and enhance the accuracy of your medical documentation.

Our Sucess In Numbers

Revenue increase

5 to 10 %

Revenue Improvement

Claim-acceptance rate


First Pass Claim Rate

DAR / Days in AR


Number of Claims Processed

Turn Around time

24-48 hr

Turn Around time

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Collecting Receipts

In the first crucial step, we take the burden off your shoulders by meticulously collecting and organizing all relevant receipts. Our thorough approach ensures that your claim submissions have a solid foundation from the start.

Filling Claim Form

Trust our experts to navigate the complex landscape of claim forms. We specialize in completing these documents with precision, ensuring that every essential detail is accurately captured to optimize reimbursement for the services you provide.

Reviewing & Submitting Claims

Our rigorous review process goes beyond the ordinary. Each claim undergoes a detailed examination, guaranteeing an error-free submission. This meticulous approach significantly increases the chances of quick approvals and faster reimbursements for your practice.

Transcription Services

Enhance your documentation processes with our professional transcription services. From medical reports to patient histories, our team ensures accurate and timely transcription, facilitating comprehensive and organized medical records.

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Experience Medical Claim Submission With SPT Medical Billing

HIPAA Compliance

Our commitment to confidentiality is in full compliance with HIPAA regulations, ensuring your medical data is handled with the utmost care.

HIPAA Compliance
Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing

We believe in transparency and accessibility. Our pricing is both competitive and transparent, making our high-quality claim submission services accessible to practices of all sizes.

Effective Claims Submission

Effective claim submission is not just a goal; it’s our commitment. Experience a significant reduction in claim denials and rejections. Our dedication to accuracy in every step of the submission process gives you the ultimate financial stability. 

Effective Claims Submission

Our Claim Submission and Transcription Process

Trust Our Claim Submission Process, let’s explore step-by-step


Document Collection

In the first crucial step, we take the burden off your shoulders by collecting and organizing all documents related to the medical services provided. Our thorough approach ensures that your claim submissions have a solid foundation from the beginning.

Step 02

Form Completion

Our experienced team handles the complicated tasks of data entry and form completion with the highest accuracy. Your claim forms are filled out accurately, capturing all essential details required for optimal reimbursement.

Step 03

Review and Quality Check

Each claim undergoes a comprehensive review process. Our team checks for any errors before submission, ensuring that your claims stand the best chance of approval.

Step 04

Timely Submission

Time is of the essence in the world of medical billing. Our claims are submitted promptly, reducing processing time and ensuring fast reimbursements.

Perks of Electronic Claims Submission (ECS) With SPT Medical Billing


Experience expedited claim submission processes, reducing the time it takes to receive reimbursements.


Minimize errors associated with manual data entry, ensuring the precision of your claims and reducing the chances of rejections.


Streamline the entire billing process, from submission to processing, for increased operational efficiency within your practice.

By choosing SPT Medical Billing, you’re not just selecting a service; you’re gaining a dedicated partner committed to maximizing your revenue potential through seamless and timely claim submission. Contact us today to improve your healthcare practice’s billing, documentation, and financial success.

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