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Welcome to SP Technologies medical coding services, your reliable partner for exceptional medical coding and billing solutions. Our company is based in the USA and specializes in outsourced medical coding services. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service and ensuring accuracy in all our coding processes. Trust us to provide you with the best medical coding solutions for your practice.

Tailored Medical Coding Services Just for You

At SP Technologies we go beyond just coding. We aim to provide healthcare providers with medical coding and billing services that perfectly match their needs. We offer a variety of coding solutions, including facility coding solutions, professional fee coding solutions, and denial management, to optimize your billing process and cater to your specific requirements. Our approach is centered on transparency and provider satisfaction, making us the go-to choice for reliable coding services. You can rely on us to ensure that your billing process is not only efficient but also tailored to your unique practice.

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Benefits of Our Medical Coding Services



Explore our transparent coding processes to gain valuable insights into your revenue cycle.



Maximize efficiency with our coding denial management strategies.

Optimized Revenue Experience


Increased revenue through our optimized coding solutions.

Ever Wondered How We Do It?

Curious about the behind-the-scenes magic of our medical coding services? Our medical coding process is a seamless journey from data gathering to reimbursement tracking and analytics. Our dedicated team ensures accuracy at every step, guaranteeing a smooth and error-free coding experience. Let’s break down the process of how our medical coders work at SP Technologies Medical Coding Services in detailed steps:

Data Gathering

We gather comprehensive data from your healthcare facility, review it thoroughly, and extract accurate details for coding purposes using advanced technology and systems.

Coding Process

Our certified medical coders use standard codes to assign precise codes to services, diagnoses, and procedures, keeping up with the latest regulations for compliance.

Quality Assurance

Our team conducts a rigorous quality assurance process to ensure accurate and complete coding. Advanced software tools and regular internal audits help us maintain high-quality standards. Discrepancies and potential errors are promptly addressed to ensure error-free coded data.

Documentation and Reporting

We document codes for transparency, easy reference, and to enhance coding accuracy and efficiency. Customized reports offer insights into coding patterns and potential areas for improvement.

Reimbursement Tracking

We monitor reimbursement closely, from claims submission to payment. If discrepancies arise, we conduct thorough reviews to identify root causes and take corrective actions. Our aim is to optimize reimbursement for timely and accurate payments.

Analytics and Continuous Improvement

We analyze coding trends using data analytics, train coders continuously to stay updated on evolving coding guidelines, and establish feedback loops for better communication and continuous improvement.

Choosing SP Technology: More Than Just Coding Services

Elevate your healthcare revenue cycle with SP Technologies medical coding services – where precision meets professionalism.

Denial Appeals Assistance

Denials are like challenges; we accept new challenges. Our experts craft appeals that aren't just persuasive; they're like a friendly nudge to reverse that denial and protect your revenue.

Meeting Every Patient Type

Healthcare is diverse, and so are patients. Handling new or complex patient demographics? That's our specialty. We adapt to the changing healthcare landscape, ensuring your coding is as diverse as your patients.

Speeding Up Your Revenue

Time is money. With a focus on accuracy and efficiency, we speed up your reimbursement processes, ensuring your revenue flows in smoothly without unnecessary delays.

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