Best Mental Health Billing Services For Therapists

SPT Medical Billing offers Mental Health Billing Services for psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists, helping them maximize their revenue more efficiently. Our service­s simplify your insurance and patient collections, giving you more­ freedom to focus on patient care­ and grow your behavioral practice. We kee­p abreast of the newe­st government rules, insurance­ requirements, and update­s in ICD/CPT coding, assuring your continual compliance.

Expert Mental Health Medical Billing Services We Provide

At SPT Medical Billing, we’re here to make mental health billing less complicated for you. We understand that dealing with different services, insurance plans, and state-specific rules can be overwhelming. That’s why we specialize in coding and billing for mental health care, aiming to make your life easier.

Claims Processing

Handling electronic claim submissions, filing secondary claims, and managing automatic crossovers.

Patient Billing

Mailing patient statements and addressing account inquiries via our toll-free line. Issuing dunning letters and, with client approval, referring accounts to licensed collections agencies.

Payment Posting

Recording payments and adjustments from insurance EOBs/ERAs and posting patient copays.

Practice Management Solutions

Implementing time and cost-saving solutions, such as online appointment calendars and appointment reminder calls/text messages.

Account Receivables

Managing outstanding accounts and ensuring efficient receivables.

Denial Management

Strategically addressing and managing claim denials for optimal revenue recovery.

Verification of Benefits

Contacting insurance companies to verify mental health benefits and eligibility before a patient visit, confirming co-payment, deductible, maximum annual visits, authorization requirements, and claims mailing address.

Financial Reports

Accessing over 30 financial reports for insights into your practice's health, including insurance and patient aging, monthly and daily summaries, and reimbursement analysis for various payers.

Why Choose Us as Your Outsourced Behavioral Health Billing Company?

Dedicated Mental Health Billing Specialists

Feel assured knowing that a committed behavioral health billing specialist is diligently managing your account to guarantee successful insurance billing for your mental health practice. Stay informed and engaged through regular meetings with your specialist to stay current on your billing status.

Mental health billing and coding services

Looking for a billing partner that understands the complexities of mental health care?

Choose SPT Medical Billing for comprehensive mental health billing support.

Accurate Mental Health Billing and Coding for Full Care Coverage

In mental he­alth centers, accurate billing and coding are­ vital. They capture the e­ntirety of services offe­red. SPT Medical Billing guarante­es accurate coding and billing for each se­ssion, diagnosis, and treatment plan. This ensure­s maximum payment for your important services.

Mental health billing services
Outsource Mental health billing services

Mental Health Billing Services Utilizing the Latest Technology

At SPT Medical Billing, we use advanced technology to offer efficient behavioral health billing services, ensuring a seamless billing process that enhances accuracy and expedites reimbursements, supporting the unique needs of your mental health practice.

Transparent Mental Health Billing Process

Experience transparent billing with SPT Medical Billing, where we offer clear insights into the financial operations of your mental health services. Our detailed reporting and analytics equip you with the information for effective practice management.

Customized Mental health billing services

Mental Health Billing Solutions for Critical Challenges

Varying fee schedules based on provider type.SPT Medical Billing verifies provider type and updates accurate information during eligibility checks.
Patient benefit verification is crucial; many have general health coverage, not mental health benefits.This ensures coverage for services on the appointment date; any non-coverage is communicated to the client.
Specific billing requirements for different commercial payers.We confirm payer details and address before submitting claims, documenting them in the software.

Trusted Nationwide Mental Health Medical Billing Services

As your trusted partner for Mental Health medical billing, SPT Medical Billing offers reliable services spanning nationwide, from the East Coast to the West Coast. We welcome new clients, including independent physicians and private practices, across various states such as Texas, California, Florida, New Jersey, and New York.

SPT Medical Billing Your Award Winning Medical Billing Partner

Connect with SPT Medical Billing’ Mental Health Billing Experts to discover how our services can streamline your billing processes, enhance your practice’s revenue, and allow you to focus more on providing essential mental health care.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical billing involves claims submissions for the healthcare services provided to patients. When it comes to billing for behavioral health services in healthcare, it’s a bit more complicated than other medical areas. To keep providing good care for mental health, substance abuse, or eating disorders, it’s important to make sure your billing team has the right info and tools to handle the process effectively.

The cost of mental health billing services can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the services provided, the volume of claims, and the specific needs of the healthcare provider or facility. Generally, mental health billing services may be offered as a percentage of the total claims processed or as a flat fee.

Yes, SPT Medical Billing provides behavioral & mental health billing services in Texas 

Yes, SPT Medical Billing provides behaviour & mental health billing services in Massachusetts.

Common codes include CPT codes for psychotherapy (90837), psychiatric diagnostic evaluation (90791), and medication management (90863), facilitating accurate billing for mental health services.

Boost revenue by optimizing fee schedules, negotiating favorable payer contracts, utilizing technology for efficient billing, improving patient communication on billing matters, and implementing effective strategies for patient engagement and retention.