Pulmonology Billing Services for Pulmonologists

SPT Medical Billing provides Pulmonology Billing Services designed to meet the specific needs of pulmonologists and respiratory care specialists. Our services ensure accurate billing for all respiratory treatments and pulmonary care, supporting your practice’s financial health while you focus on patient respiratory health.

Expert Pulmonology Medical Billing Services

Our medical billing services for pulmonology are specifically designed to make things easier for healthcare providers. We handle the complicated billing processes related to pulmonary care, ensuring that you get the maximum revenue and stay compliant with regulations. This allows you to concentrate more on taking care of your patients.

It’s important to choose a billing company with extensive experience in pulmonology, as it involves intricate procedures and rules. Unlike the simpler billing for general doctors, pulmonology billing requires a deeper understanding due to complex contractual adjustments. With our specialized services, we aim to simplify the entire billing process for pulmonologists, making it more efficient and effective for your practice.

Why Choose Us As Your Pulmonology Billing Services Provider?

Accurate Pulmonology Billing and Coding for Effective Reimbursement

Precision in pulmonology billing and coding is crucial to ensure that every diagnostic, therapeutic, and interventional procedure is properly reimbursed, supporting the financial health of your practice.

Pulmonology billing and coding services

Looking for a billing solution that understands the intricacies of pulmonology?

Discover SPT Medical Billing’ specialized pulmonology billing services.

Modern Pulmonology Billing Services Utilizing Advanced Technology

We use the latest technology to offer efficient pulmonology billing services, ensuring a streamlined billing process that enhances billing accuracy and expedites reimbursements.

Pulmonology billing services
outsource Pulmonology billing and coding services

Tailored Medical Billing Solutions for Pulmonologists

We provide medical billing solutions for pulmonologists that are customized to meet the specific needs of your practice, ensuring thorough billing support for all pulmonary services.

Transparent Billing Processes for Pulmonology Services

Experience transparent billing with SPT Medical Billing, offering clear insights into the financial operations of your pulmonology services, enabling effective financial management.

Pulmonology billing and coding

Outsource Pulmonology Billing Services To SPT Medical Billing

Our skilled billers have the expertise to extract data from your electronic medical records (EMR) system and accurately code a wide range of pulmonology medical services. This includes procedures such as

We also ensure the appropriate use of modifiers when needed to prevent potential issues like audits, denials, or delays from insurance carriers. Our goal is to streamline the billing process and help you avoid complications in reimbursement

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Connect with SPT Medical Billing’ Pulmonology Billing Experts to learn how our services can streamline your billing processes and enhance your practice’s revenue.

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Our Pulmonology Billing Process


Data Extraction from EMR

Expert bille­rs carefully take rele­vant information from your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) syste­ms. This makes sure that the coding for pulmonology se­rvices is accurate.

Step 02

Comprehe­nsive Coding

Our team uses the­ right CPT and ICD-10 codes. These code­s show the specific pulmonology service­s provided. This ensures compliance­ and gets the maximum reimburse­ment.

Step 03

Claim Submission

We send claims to insurance­ companies very quickly. We include all ne­cessary paperwork and supporting details. This spe­eds up the reimburse­ment process.

Step 04

Denial Manage­ment and Appeals

If claims are de­nied or there are­ issues, our team revie­ws and addresses them promptly. We­ file appeals when ne­eded to ensure­ accurate reimburseme­nt.

Step 05

Reporting and Communication

We provide­ regular billing reports. We stay in touch with your practice­ about the billing process, reimburse­ment status, and any potential challenge­s or updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Billing companies ensure compliance by adhering to CMS guidelines, conducting regular audits, and providing staff training on ICD-10 and CPT coding for accurate pulmonology billing.

Enhance revenue cycle management with efficient appointment scheduling, utilizing electronic claims submission, implementing timely coding for pulmonology services, and reducing claim denials through comprehensive documentation.

Outsourcing ensures expertise in pulmonology coding, reduces administrative workload, accelerates revenue cycles, assures compliance with CMS guidelines, and allows pulmonologists to focus on respiratory care and patient management.

Identify experts through professional networks, industry referrals, online platforms, evaluating experience in pulmonology coding, and considering certifications like Certified Professional Biller (CPB) during the hiring process.

Common codes include CPT codes for bronchoscopy (31622), pulmonary function testing (94010), and evaluation and management services (99212), facilitating accurate billing for pulmonology services.

Boost revenue by optimizing fee schedules, negotiating favorable payer contracts, utilizing technology for efficient billing, improving patient communication on billing matters, and implementing effective strategies for chronic respiratory disease management.